But first coffee cycling socks black

But first coffee cycling socks Black

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But first coffee!

Black cycling socks

Coffee and cycling go hand-in-hand. The black gold has always been powering cyclists around the world. 
The coffee stop is one of the highlights of any cycling group. And every cyclist has been out for a coffee ride.
Let's go for a ride, but first coffee!

Çois Cycling Legacy socks are made from  PROLEN®YARN

Light: the lightest fibre ever created, 50% lighter than cotton. 
Thermoregulating: has the property to maintain the ideal temperature when in contact with the skin. 
Dry: the dry layer acts like a “second skin”, it keeps the skin 
dry and odourless and assures a perfect equilibrium between temperature and relative humidity even in the most extreme conditions.
Durable: our socks may go through bad weather, sun, sweat and humidity and maintain colour freshness and power even after multiple washing.
Ecological: production of our socks doesn´t pollute the environment  (water, air, nor soil). No toxic dyes are used. 100% recyclable.

Sock height: 20 cm