The story of Çois

The story of Çois

Ask yourself: what’s your legacy? 
What are the stories people are going to tell when you’re gone?

For me, it’s all about family and cycling passion.

The story of Çois wasn’t born yesterday, but started three generations ago and carries with it the enthusiasm of cycling that is embedded in my DNA.

My great grandparents fled Belgium during the height of WWI and moved to a safe haven in a little town on the outskirts of London.  It was there that my grandfather, François Cools, was born in 1918.

When the war was finally over, the family returned to Antwerp to pick up their old life.

François excelled in cycling from an early age.  

In 1936, at age 18, he became the Belgian national champion in the junior division. He also took part in the legendary 1936 Berlin Olympics.

By the early 40’s, François had become the Pro National Champion for three consecutive years. He also participated in all the major 6-day races as a track cyclist.

In the 60’s Francois became a pacer for the best track cyclists (legendary Eddy Merckx was one of them).  

François Cools and Eddy Merckx

(a young Eddy Merckx as a pacer for Çois, just for fun)

As a pacer for Van Springel,  Çois won Bordeaux-Paris,  one of Europe’s most prestigious cycling races,  several times.

Later, François became the  manager of the Mann-Grundig pro team. 
Under his management the team won the UCI World Cup twice.

François Cools and Herman Van Springel

François was manager of Herman Van Springel when the Belgian rider finished second in the 1968 Tour de France. Van Springel was beaten by Dutchman Jan Janssen in the final stage's time trial.

Both François’ sons, Eddy and Milo, inherited the talent of their father and won a lot of amateur races. Milo became Belgian national amateur champion in 1971 and 1972.

My grandfather was passionate about cycling, style and good music.

That’s what Çois is all about.

This is the story of Çois, this is my legacy.


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