The importance of cycling socks

The importance of cycling socks

Here at Çois Cycling Legacy we think cycling socks are an important part of a cycling kit.
Because after your legs, your feet are the hardest working part of the body during a ride. Our cycling socks are designed to provide support where needed and to make you feel comfortable no matter how far you ride.

cycling socks

We managed to create socks that are:

ultralight: we use the lightest fibre ever created, even 50% lighter than cotton,

thermoregulating: they maintain the ideal temperature when in contact with your skin,

dry: the dry layer acts like a second skin,

durable: our socks are not afraid of bad weather, sweat or the washing machine,

ecological: production of our socks doesn´t pollute the enviroment  (water, air, nor soil). No toxic dyes are used. 100% recyclable.

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