Life in the peloton collection

Life in the Peloton

We’re excited to announce the Road Worlds Collection: an exclusive Çois Cycling Legacy collaboration with cycling podcast Life in the Peloton by Australian pro rider Mitch Docker.

Mitch Docker - Life in the Peloton

"Mitch Docker’s Life in the Peloton is arguably the best and most well-known cycling podcast out there of its kind. He’s flipped the traditional model of journalism on its head and has created something truly unique. How many other actively competing pro athletes do this kind of thing? For those not familiar, Life in the Peloton is Mitch’s way of telling the world quite simply what the life of a professional cyclist is like, translated in a way that everyone can understand. It’s not Mitch’s monologue and self-indulgent hour on air. Quite the opposite. In this day and age of social media where quick likes and shares serve as a self-promotional tool, Mitch has opted to tell other people’s stories with long-form audio, in a way that also acts like a mirror into his life."

Road cycling world championships T-shirt

Mitch Docker Life in the Peloton

"My love for Belgium - the cobbles, the racing, and of course, Belgian beer - is no secret, so we were super excited at the opportunity to work with a Belgian brand, in a year the cycling World Championships are coming back to Belgium. 
The collection is based around a limited-edition T-shirt: An ode to the 2021 Road World Championships in Flanders and a celebration of all the things we love about Belgium - cobbles, beer, frites & terrible weather. The collection also includes a fresh take on the Life in the Peloton logo on a Classic cycling Tee, cycling Sweater & Snapback. 
It’s been awesome to see this collection come to life and I hope you love it as much as we do! Stay tuned for the release this Monday 20th September, 2pm CEST.
The collection will be available to shop exclusively at
Get ready for Belgium and the Road Cycling World Championships!"
Mitch Docker

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