not too pro cycling cap

Not too pro to say hello Cycling Cap (navy)

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You’ve seen them. You may even be one of them. The cyclists who ride past without so much as a nod or a wave. It’s as if acknowledging a fellow rider is a sign of weakness, a mark of the amateur. But we believe it’s time to change that narrative. That’s why we launched our new cycling cap with a bold statement: "Not too pro to say hello."

Not too pro to say hello cycling cap navy
100% cotton + ribbon 
Designed and produced in the EU

One size fits most

Cycling caps are an important part of a cycling outfit.

The cycling cap gives your cycling outfit the finishing touch, maybe even a vintage or retro feel.

When the sun is shining, the visor of the cycling cap ensures that your eyes are affected as little as possible by the sun during your bike tour.

Our cycling caps are made of high quality organic cotton.
They absorb sweat during intense exertion on the bike.
A cycling cap remains very popular with cyclists.