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Posterlad cycling jersey

When I'm asked what I like most about running a brand like Çois my answer is always: the fact that I'm able doing cool stuff with cool people. A collaboration that completely fits into that idea, is what we recently did with Posterlad.

PosterLad is an art project by Czech designer Vratislav Pecka.
He believes that a poster does not have to always necessarily promote some event or product.
Instead, Pecka uses the medium as a space for expressing his art ideas. The main common features of Vratislav Pecka's work are simple shapes and vivid colors. His work was influenced by the Bauhaus school and a certain nostalgia and memories of the 90s.

Posterlad cycling jersey black

Here at Çois, we're huge fans of Posterlad's work. That's why we asked him to design two cycling jerseys for us.
And we really like the result!
What do you think?

Posterlad cycling jersey white

Check out our jersey collection:

Check out Posterlad:

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