(this is no) goodbye Mitch Docker

Mitch Docker - Paris Roubaix
Last weekend, at Paris-Roubaix, we said goodbye to the coolest and kindest mullet/moustache in the pro peloton.
And we did it our way: we surprised Mitch Docker with an exclusive Life AFTERthe Peloton T-shirt for him and his kids.

Mitch Docker - Life in the peloton

On the day after his 35th birthday, Mitch rode the very last race of his career.
And it’s no coincidence that it was one of the heaviest and most epic editions of Paris Roubaix ever.
The race may have not turned out the way Mitch planned it, but when we met in the streets of Roubaix after the race, he seemed satisfied.
We’re very happy we could be a (small) part of his last moments as a pro cyclist.
And we’re really grateful we were able to collaborate with Mitch on the very cool @lifeinthepeloton x @coiscycling clothing collection over the past few months (thanks to everyone who contributed to that!).
After 13 years as a pro rider, Mitch retires without regret.
To put it in his own words: “It’s a good time to go now.”
We’ll miss looking out for the mullet or moustache during the races, but we’re looking forward to his new projects.
Have a safe trip back home!
Want to relive the last sunday in hell?
Listen to the special Roubaix/retirement episode of the Life in the Peloton podcast:

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